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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


1. Strict discipline should be maintained within the premises of the institution. Indiscipline, misconduct, disobedience or any other irregularity will render a student liable for fine, suspension or immediate dismissal from the institution.

2. The lecturers and physical director are authorized to check any misconduct of the students within and outside the campus for disciplinary action.

3. Implicit obedience to orders of the staff is demanded from every student.

4. Students attending meetings and functions within or outside the campus should maintain perfect order and discipline.

5. A student suspended thrice will be dismissed immediately without any enquiry.

6. Visitors will not be allowed to contact a student during the class hours. However, under unavoidable circumstances they will be permitted to meet the student with prior permission from the concerned authority.

7. Students should get permission before entering into staff room or office or laboratory.

8. Students will be held responsible for any tool or apparatus placed in their charge and the furniture they use. In case of damage or loss, they will be held financially responsible. Any damage or breakage should be made good by the concerned student immediately when called.

9. Students are advised to take care of their valuables (such as calculator, watch etc.,) at their own risk.

10. (i) Ragging is considered as a crime.

(ii) Any student found involved in such a barbaric act will be dismissed immediately without any enquiry.

(iii) Simultaneously, a complaint will be made to the nearest police station for further action.

(iv) It may lead to a fine of upto Rs. 10,000 and 2 years rigorous imprisonment.

(v) Once the complaint is received then it will be the duty of the accused to prove his/her innocence.

11. Vehicles are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

12. Cell phone, Walkman & other musical instruments are strictly prohibited while traveling in the bus and inside the campus. Violation of this will ensure strict & immediate disciplinary action.

13. Students should maintain silence, decency and decorum always.


1. Students are required to be punctual and regular to their classes.

2. Students should not loiter about in the verandah or corridor during class hours.

3. Students are expected to be in their respective classes at least 5 minutes before the classes commence.

4. During class hours, students should remain inside their class room.

5. Late comers should get permission for entering the class. However, admission to such candidates will be purely subject to the approval of the concerned faculty.

6. Regular late comers will not be allowed to attend the classes without permission from the concerned authority.

7. No student should leave the hall without the permission from the faculty.

8. Students will not be allowed to come out of a lecture hall during or in between two class hours without any valid reason and prior permission.

9. Students are required to attend the classes with text books, note books, calculator, instrument box etc. as prescribed by the faculty.

10. In the laboratories no student will be permitted to do a fresh experiment or work until the record of his / her previous work is checked by the faculty-in-charge.

11. Habitual neglect of class work and home work will be deemed as breach of discipline and may render a student to be sent out of class.

12. No student should leave the lecture hall during class hours for paying the fees or to get correction in the lab records or to borrow a book from the library.

13. During the free hours, the students may go to the library without disturbance to others.

14. Students shall leave the lecture hall/lab only with the permission of the concerned faculty or after the class is dispersed.

15. Every faculty-in-charge of a class is authorized to check any misconduct of the students and may require a student or students to withdraw from his/her classroom and shall report the matter to the Principal.

16. Disobedience to the order of a faculty will be deemed as breach of discipline.

17. Attendance is a must for sports hour, seminar or library hour. It will also be included while

Calculating the percentage of attendance.

Discipline of the highest order is expected from all the students. Any student who violates any of the rules and regulations of the institution shall be deemed to have committed breach of discipline and the Principal is the authority to impose any one or any combination of the following punishments.

1. Levy of heavy fine

2. Loss of attendance

3. Refusal to issue attendance certificate and / or conduct certificate, course completion certificate.

4. Suspension

5. Expulsion from the institution.

The Principal may alter or amend these rules or add further rules from time to time for the smooth functioning of the institution.


1. Students should wear clean and decent dress. Wearing Jeans, T. Shirts, Jeans type cotton pants are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

2. Boys should tuck-in their shirts and wear only black leather shoes while they are inside the campus.

3. Girls should wear proper uniform. Wearing half-sarees, middies, short sleeve tops, tight pants and jeans are strictly prohibited inside the campus.

4. Students should wear the respective uniforms to attend their practical classes.

5. It is a must that students should wear shoes inside the workshop.

6. Students are advised not to wear loose-fitting shirts or pants while doing workshop practical.

7. Students should compulsorily wear their I.D. cards with sling in the campus, class rooms and also in the college bus, failing which stern action will be taken.

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